From Punk to Q

Werner Pans Painted Worlds

From Punk to Q Anon

1977 - 2020 / 43 ans d'art critique

Werner Pans, belgian artist painter creates figurative artworks with a pulse on decades of art & society. For more than 43 years his art challenges the foundations of our society with that pure artist expression creating a controversial oeuvre.

This incredible timeline of painted worlds expands your thinking, lifts the veil from the unseen and most of all will make you wonder why Werner Pans unique art is not yet know.

The exhibition From Punk to Q Anon takes us for a wild ride thru the counter-cultures of the 60s-70s-80s, shows us first hand impressions of the awaking of human consciousness during the next 2 decades. In the Now the painter witnesses the epic times which are unfolding in front of our distorted views. The information age where language and imagery are reversed.

Influenced by the art of propaganda, defintely urban space futurism from the early beginings, the totality of flemish artist Werner Pans painted worlds ask for the opening of our minds.

High energy abstract landscapes with minimal figurative input made of brutal coloured strokes drives us back on track for freedom thru truth (which may well be the survival stake of mankind).

The acrylic paintings on Craft paper of the early ‘80s move on as time drives by to more abstract, rich in depths and glazing oil painted artworks.


The 1977 – 2020 timeline is split into 5 segments of artistic evolution, each lifted with unique time historical docs, printed and/or multimedia format.