Expo 1

EXPO 1  2021

Werner Pans, Brussels 1958 - Lives and works in Mesnil-Eglise, Belgium

I am not interested in ‘pretty’ painting or paintings of aesthetic value, but since the early days rather in the soul and

the unknown, the unseen of society’s underlying contemporary topics.

A unique artist roadtrip thru 5 decades at the belgian frontline of art & society


The exhibition takes us for a wild ride at the base of counter-cultures of the 60s-70s-80s, show us first hand impressions and art agitations during the next 2 decades resulting with the awakening of human consciousness into the age of space. During the period 2010-2020 the artist alerts us about the epic times unfolding in front of our distorted views.


Influenced by the art of propaganda, urban landscapes and space futurism from the beginnings, the totality of flemish artist Werner Pans works asks us to open our minds.


The acrylic paintings on Craft paper early 80’s move on as times drives by to more abstract, rich in depths and glazing oil coloured artworks. Neverless the rebel content stayed in Da House overnight.

The 1977 - 2020 timeline cut up into 5 historical landscapes of artistic evolution, each lifted with unique docs, prints

and multimedia formats such as soundscapes, storytelling boxes and moving visuals.

1        1960 - 1976           Docking Station, Earth

                                        Various documents, photos (from photoreporter Frans Pans - AMSAB                                                                                  Gent/WP), silkscreen etc documenting  the 60s - 70s social and cultural                                                                              uprising in Belgium, my roots. First artworks.

2         1977 - 1986          Zonk City

                                        First full blown painter period.

                                        Punk and industrial culture art with original time docs

3         1987 - 1995          The Age of Space

                                        Immersive illegal rave art (zone reconstruction ?)

                                        Cosmic Acid Connection in full multimedia framework


4         1996 - 2014          Beyond the horizon of events

                                        Quantum consciousness injection.

                                        Lifting the veil of the ’old world’.

5         2015 - 2020         The Looking Glass

                                        Where We Go 1 We Go All. 

                                        After dark deep art operations in the Sea of Awakening

                                        Wartime art.