Brussels 1958

Lives and works in Mesnil-Eglise, Belgium

I am not interested in ‘pretty’ painting or paintings

of aesthetic value, but since the early days rather in the soul and

the unknown, the unseen of society’s underlying contemporary topics.

An artist roadtrip thru 5 decades at the frontline of art & society


Werner Pans takes us for a wild ride at the base of counter-cultures of the 60s-70s-80s, show us first hand impressions and art agitations during the next 2 decades resulting with the awakening of human consciousness into the age of space. During the period 2010-2020 the artist alerts us about the epic times unfolding in front of our distorted views.


Influenced by the art of propaganda, urban landscapes and space futurism from the beginnings, the totality of flemish artist Werner Pans works asks us to open our minds.


The acrylic paintings on Craft paper early 80’s move on as times drives by to more abstract, rich in depths and glazing oil coloured artworks. Neverless the rebel content stayed in Da House overnight.

Met Felix, mijn Bompa,kopergieter en verzetstrijder van het Wit lLeger. Chappelle-Lez-Herlaimonts '77
Avec Bompa, Felix, laiton fondateur et partisan de l'Armée Blanche. Chappelle-Lez-Herlaimots 1977
Atelier Brussel 1983
Tunnel 22, nightclub, Brussel 1986
Performance VUB Brussel 1981
Atelier 1984, Brussel
Warzot 1991
Espace Bizarre, flyer, 1996
Human Hamburger, 1979
Quantum xpo, hometown, 2012